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Nancy Grace

"Nancy Grace" is television's only justice themed/interview/debate show, designed for those interested in the breaking crime news of the day. Grace challenges guests on the most high-profile legal issues of the day by drawing on her unique perspective as a former violent crimes prosecutor and as a crime victim herself. Nancy Grace provides viewers with a clear understanding of not only the top crime stories, but also the cases often overlooked.

Nancy Grace Mysteries

Nancy Grace Mysteries

Nancy Grace Mysteries will air every Friday at 8 & 10 p.m. ET. The one hour documentary-style program will boast a new format, a new look -- same Nancy.

Eleventh Victim on Lifetime

Eleventh Victim

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Nancy Grace, the Lifetime Original Movie "The Eleventh Victim" is loosely inspired by Grace's former career as an Atlanta prosecutor for the District Attorney's office.

In "The Eleventh Victim", Hailey Dean (Jennie Garth, "Beverly Hills 90210") is a formidable Assistant District Attorney who goes head-to-head with some of Atlanta's most vicious felons. She tirelessly pursues each and every case, especially the conviction of serial killer Clinton Burrell Cruise (Colin Cunningham, "Falling Skies"), working closely with Detective Garlan Fincher (Los Angeles Lakers forward, Metta World Peace). The case becomes personal for Hailey when she is attacked by Cruise in open court. Still recovering physically and mentally from Cruise's attempt to strangle her, Hailey moves to New York and begins a new career as a therapist. When her clients start to turn up dead one by one with the murderer using the same M.O. as the Atlanta serial killer she put behind bars she is forced back into the dark world she left behind in Atlanta to help catch a cold-blooded killer who could very well make her his next target.

In regards to the Lifetime original film Grace said, "As an executive producer of "The Eleventh Victim", I took great care in helping to cast the characters, especially the heroine, Hailey Dean, and her best friend and investigator, Garlan Fincher. Jennie Garth is perfect for the role, as is Metta World Peace. We became great friends during "Dancing with the Stars", and that enthusiasm definitely translates to the screen."

In addition to Nancy Grace, "The Eleventh Victim" is executive produced by Ted Bauman ("The Client List"), Howard Braunstein ("The Memory Keeper's Daughter") and Josh Sabarra ("The Ricki Lake Show"),co-executive produced by Lynne Bespflug and directed my Mike Rohl ("Smallville").