Jan. 29th - ENTER my valentine's day contest here!

Want a chance to win my signature handcuff necklace and bracelet set? Full Details HERE! Read More

Dr. Drew and I Face Off Tonight at 8PM #Pot2Blame

Dr. Drew are you ready? I am. Read More

Jan 22nd - Tonight: High school prom night turns deadly when a senior girl dies

A senior girl dies allegedly during rough consensual sex. #DeadlyPromNight Read More

#Pot2Blame? Rapper 2Chainz and I Face Off!

You be the judge, who do you think won the Pot Debate? Read More

[Jan 13th] National #AmberAlert Day

Today marks 19 years since Amber Hagerman was abducted. But her legacy lives on each time a child is successfully recovered through the AMBER Alert system. Read More

[Jan 9th] Join me in a Facebook Chat today with @ABC2020

2:50pm on the #abc2020 page. I'll be answering your questions about an alleged murder-for-hire plot in Florida. Read More

[Jan. 8th] Horrific: Florida Father Allegedly Throws Daughter from Bridge

A Florida father was arrested for allegedly killing his 5-year-old daughter by throwing her from a bridge from his car. More details at: http://bit.ly/1xKJDJU (photo and content courtesy of HLN) Read More

January 6th - Happy 2015 Friends!

We spent the Holidays in NYC! See our newest family pics here! Read More

Tonight - Don't Miss My Interview with Janice Dickinson

I speak to Janice Dickinson regarding the Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations. I am taking your On air calls from 3:30-4:45 ET. I want to hear from you! Call: 877-626-2901 Read More

Awaiting the Grand Jury's Decision in the Shooting Death of Michael Brown.

Stay tuned for the latest. Will Officer Wilson Be Indicted? Read More