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A desperate search now underway for a 23-year-old woman. #FindChristina

She vanishes from a high end shopping mall. Cops zero in on a wooded area, but still no sign of Christina. Does the last person to see her alive hold the clues to her disappearance? #FindChristina (photo and content courtesy of HLN) Read More


Cops just now narrowing in on a pond in the search of a young missing mom. Family members claim the mom was last seen with a sex offender and then suddenly disappeared. What could cops find in the pond? #FindJaimee Read More

November 17th - Frantic Search for #ChelseaBruck Continues

Police, family members and volunteers push forward in the desperate search for missing 22-year-old Chelsea Bruck in Michigan. Read More

Police say a 9-year-old girl is run to death as a form of punishment - On Air Calls Now: 877-626-2901

The little girl allegedly carrying a bundle of wood for nearly 3 hours as she runs, collapses and dies in a hospital. And now the grandmother accused of running her to death is asking for capital murder charges to be dismissed. What will the court decide? Read More

Nov 15th - Family Time in NYC! See new family pics!

David, The Twins are I are enjoying a beautiful day in NYC. See all our family pics here! Read More

November 13th - Full Details on the #MichaelBrown Shooting Death

As violence again threatens to boil over, we learn the secret grand jury is convening behind closed doors, deciding whether to indict the officer who fired the gun. Do you think Officer Darren Wilson should be indicted? Read More

November 10th - check your email, you could be a winner!

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Guess what I'll be for Halloween! ????

I'll be hosting The Twins' Halloween party and I am busy getting my own costume together! Any guesses on what I'll be this year? Read More

New Family Pics - The Twins are Ready for Halloween!

See our newest family photos and the the costumes the twins chose! xxNG Read More