June 23 - New Family Vacation Photos!

The Twins had dinner in their PJs & Beach time with Grandparents - See our newest pics! Read More

Get The Latest News on the #HotCarDeath from Nancy!

Breaking news and details on the case of the Georgia Toddler left in a Hot Car. Read More

Astonishing Video--- Nancy Grace tells dad missing son found alive

HLN's Nancy Grace reveals to the father of a missing 12-year-old Detroit boy that his son has been found alive in the father's basement. Read More

Looking for a great Summer book? Check out Summer's Winter by Robin Johns Grant

About the Book: When Jeanine finally connects with film star Jamie Newkirk, the object of her obsession, will it be a dream come true? Or will she be pulled into his family's nightmare of secrets, control, and death? Read More

A Nancy Grace viewer spotted missing girl Ashley Lyon and urged a co-worker to call 911! Amazing Story!

Thanks to you, my dear friends, a young girl allegedly abducted by a registered sex offender has been found alive! A viewer from last night's program spotted missing girl Ashley Lyon at a truck stop and urged a co-worker to call 911. Cops zeroed in on the alleged perp Steven Myers in a high-speed chase, finding poor Ashley cowering in his truck, stabbed multiple times. Ashley is in critical condition, fighting for her life, but she is ALIVE. Read More

New Video! NG&Twins Searching for Eloise and Cedric at The Plaza!

The Twins and I just arrived at the Plaza Hotel in NYC - we heard Eloise and Cedric (from Home Alone 2) were here! We can't wait to find them! xxNG&Twins Read More

We had so much fun with the Twins @BronxZoo today!

I just posted a new video of the fun here and on Instagram/thenancygrace xxNG Read More

#BradPitt attacked on the Red Carpet.. What will happen to his alleged assailant?

What will happen to his alleged assailant? Full Details: Read More

A young mom plows her minivan into the ocean with her 3 young kids trapped inside

Now, we learn #OceanMom bonds out of jail - even after cops say she tried to murder her own children! Why is mommy walking free? Do you think she should still be behind bars? #OceanMom www.HLNtv.com/Nancy (photo and content courtesy of HLN) Read More


A young Tennessee mother goes missing without any trace. Where is Nikki? #FindNichole (Video and content courtesy of HLN) Read More